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Planning a house extension can be a tedious job if not guided by the right veterans. Brisbane is a beautiful place to live and if you in Brisbane and planning a house extension then you need to contact veterans of house extensions Brisbane. There are lots of facts which need to be kept in mind while planning a house extension in Brisbane and if you try to do it alone you might skip of the other. Before going for a house extension you need to know enough about the planning, the design, the construction and most importantly the law.

Planning house extension

Firstly you need to understand very well, that while the house extension is going on, you cannot live at the same place get the work done. It might be possible but then it is going o be extremely difficult and messy. It is better to look somewhere for a temporary accommodation.


Look at your family size and the amount of space you have and talk to an architect or people who are good at designing for house extensions Brisbane. You can also take help from your friends. The outcome of the final design should be outstanding and much better than the original design of your house.

The construction Process

It can be tedious process if not properly planned and the designed. However if the beginning work is done correctly then you don’t need to worry much about the construction process. Start with the most important part of the house i.e. kitchen if t needs to be shifted and then shift the focus on other rooms.

Legal Aspects

Building regulation approval is very important before any kind of house extension Brisbane even if planning permission is not taken. All the new building work must comply with the building regulations so that there’s isn’t any kind of problem later.

Enjoy a happy house extension!

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